Commander v2.0 Assembly Guide
Arduino Compatible Gamepad Controller

Tools Needed

  • 2.0mm Hex Wrench (included)
  • 3/32" Hex Wrench (included)
  • Needle-Nose pliers for holding nuts in place.

Parts List
Note: Some of the parts in some assemblies come packaged in seperate smaller bags because they come with a bracket or other various part. Please review the entire parts list to ensure you have all necessary components. Some kits will have spare bolts, nuts, or screws included.

Seeeduino V 3 Commander Shield Top Plate Bottom Plate
3 X 6 X 6 X 12 X
6 X 12 X 4 X 4 X

STEP 1 - Preperation - Prep the Acrylic parts
Pop the plastic slugs out of ALL the cut outs and holes. Use a thin hex key.

Peel the masking tape off all the Acrylic pieces.

STEP 2 - Preparation - Assemble Standoffs
Combine the F/F 4-40 1/2" Hex Standoffs with the M/F 4-40 3/8" Hex Standoffs. This should make 6 total Body Standoffs.
6 x 6x

STEP 3 - Attach Body Standoffs to Bottom Body Plate
Attach the 6 Body Standoffs you assembled in the last step to the Bottom Body Plate using 2 Nylon Washers and a 4-40 3/8" Socket Head.

12 x 6 x
Use the 6 hole locations shown to the left. Please take note of the orientation- the Bottom Body Plate is not symmetrical.

STEP 4 - Attach the Seeeduino Mounting Standoffs & Mount Seeeduino
Attach the 3 F/F 4-40 3/8" Standoffs to the Bottom Body Plate. Again, please take note of orientation.

3 x 3 x
Mount the Seeeduino to the F/F 3/8" Standoffs from previous step.

Seeeduino V 3 3 x
There are two switches on the Seeeduino Board. The 'VCC' switch should be switched to "3v3" and the 'RST' switch to "Auto".

STEP 5 - Install Commander v2.0 Shield
Install Commander Shield into Seeeduino. Please take special care when lining up pins. See next step for close-up.

Note that Seeeduino Headers have 2 extra headers on the left side, these are unused.


STEP 6 - Install AA Battery Holders
Use the M2.5 Socket Head and M2.5 Nuts to attach the AA Battery Holders.

4 x  
The nuts are installed inside the battery holders.

Install 4x AA Batteries (Not Included). The Top Plate is removed to replace batteries.


STEP 7 - Attach Top Plate
Use the remaining 6x 4-40 1/4" Socket Heads to secure the Top Plate, Like A Boss. Add an Xbee and prepare to be the envy of all geekkind.

If you have managed to get any fingerprints or smudges on the acrylic: weep for a few moments, disassemble completely, vigorously clean with Windex, and start this assembly guide over. Repeat until Commander v2.0 is completely void of any and all fingerprints and/or smudges. This is 100% critical to proper operation.