Ball Caster

Tools Needed

  • 2.5mm Hex Key (Included)

Parts List

Note: Some of the parts in some assemblies come packaged in separate smaller bags because they come with a bracket or other various parts. Please review the entire parts list to ensure you have all necessary components. Some kits will have spare bolts, nuts, or screws included.

1 X 1 X 2 X
3 X 1 X  

3 X 3 X    

Assemble the Caster

Insert 2 of the Ball Arms into the Middle Plate slots.

Place the Ball Arm into the last slot while placing the Ball into the center at the same time.
Slide the Bottom Plate down to the Middle Plate, over the Ball and Ball Arms.
Slide the Top Plate up to the Middle Plate, over the back ends of the Ball Arms.
Mount the Caster Assembly to the mounting holes of your project.
3 x 3 x

If you need more spacing between the caster and your project, follow the directions below, instead of mounting it directly to your project.

Align the Extra Plate up to the Top Plate.
Mount Standoffs of your choosing to the Extra Plate to get the required height needed in your project.

(Various Standoff sizes included)
3 x
Mount the Standoffs to the mounting holes of your project.